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TFU flash upload faq image 17. How to resize images during upload to a specified size

By default you have a dropdown box where the user can select between the sizes you have entered in the config file at $resize_data and $resize_label. And with $resize_default you select which is selected by default. If you want to resize all uploaded images to a specific size you have the following options:

  • Enter only one label/value pair at $resize_label/$resize_data.
  • If you want to hide the dopdown box set $resize_show = false;
    Additionally you have to:
    • 2.10 and higher: Set $resize_label and $resize_data and the $resize_default. The settings are sent even when the drowdown is not shown.
    • Before 2.10 the settings are NOT sent when the drowdown is not shown. Therefore you have to manually edit tfu_upload.php. Look for
          $size = (isset($_GET['size'])) ? parseInputParameter($_GET['size']) : 100000;
      and set your size there e.g.:


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