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file uploader https configuration 2. How to configure the flash to work with HTTPS or if you get a 404 all the time!

First: The Flash does not work on all servers! I have found out that a valid certificate has to be installed on the server! If this is not the case you can still try but on my test systems where this was the case I could only get it to work with IE! Do always test on the server where you want to use TFU - don't test e.g. only at home - there it works but than later on the server you want to use it, it doesn't.

Then lets configure the flash ;). Install the flash on a server and access it with HTTPS. First use Firefox and try to upload a file! If this does not work please check the certificate. If you don't get it to work with Firefox - sorry - no https possible. With IE you can upload without a valid cerificate sometimes but you should support all browsers!

But normally the problem is a IE problem only when you have a valid certificate. The php classes are already patched to work with https :). The problem is that IE does not start the upload when only tfu_upload.php is called within the flash because it uses a wrong port with ie! Therefore you have to open twg_config.php and search for:

$upload_file= "tfu_upload.php";

You have now to add here the full path to the tfu_upload.php with the https port! e.g.

$upload_file= "https://www.tinywebgallery.com:443/path/tfu_upload.php";

If it works - have fun using TWG Flash Uploader.

404 Error: On some servers you get a 404 when you upload. This means that the tfu_upload.php can not be found. First try to call it directly. If this works you can add the full path to the file like shown above and retry.

Download: On some servers the download is restricted over HTTPS. If downloads fail please enable direct downloads in the configuration. If this is the case I recommend to enable file normalisation to avoid encoding problems.


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