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TFU flash upload faq image 6. How to enable thumb caching and pdf preview of the Flash.

By default the preview image you see on the flash are all generated on the fly. This is not very fast but most users don't need fast previews. If you want fast previews you can enable that a preview image is generated after each upload and if a preview is needed the image from the cache is used.
Simply create a folder named "thumbs" in the directory of the flash. Change the permissions of this folder to 777 - done.
The cache is automatically cleaned up. If a filed was not touched for 10 days then it is removed.

New 2.9: pdf preview

Since TFU 2.9 it is possible to enable previews of pdf's. To enable this you need image magick, ghostscript and the "thumbs" directory like described before. You can check if image magick is available on your system by calling the tfu_login.php directly.


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