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TFU flash upload faq image 8. How to use the flash if not all files are in one directory?

The default installation is having all files (including the calling page - by default: tfu.htm) in one directory. In a little bigger system you many want to have e.g. all tfu files in one sub directory and include the flash in your own application. I make a small example how the configuration should look like. You have to use at least TFU 2.8 that the example below works! If you plan to use the flash behind a security software you should read this too and 8. is very important for you.

  1. Lets assume you have all your tfu files in the folder /plugins/tfu, your page that includes the flash is in / and the folder you want to upload is /upload.
  2. The tfu_login.php has always to be in the directory where the calling page is - in this example this would be /.
    You can only change this if you change this in the source code. I have hard coded this because of security reasons (Not good if a caller can maybe use his own config file!)
  3. Adapt the path to the swfobject.js in the page you include tfu - in our example: plugins/tfu/swfobject.js.
  4. To find the xml language files you have to set the 'base' parameter at the flash. This is needed here because language files are loaded before the config is even loaded. - in this example you would have to add ?base=plugins/tfu/.
  5. Set the $install_path in tfu_login.php to the path where the tfu files are located - in this example: $install_path="plugin/tfu/"; This is important that the helper, users, license file, and the other tfu_*.php are found.
  6. Finally you have to set the path of the upload dir relative to the tfu folder! In this example you have to set $folder = "../../upload"; in tfu_config.php.
  7. If you you registered tfu copy the license file to the directory where the flash is - in this example: plugin/tfu/

It's possible to have a different setup: You have the flash + the tfu_login.php in one folder and the other files in a different folder. This is needed if you want to use TFU in a protected folder. tfu_upload.php cannot be inside this folder because Firefox is not passing the cookies properly and most likely your login software will restrict the access to tfu_upload.php. Therefore you have to place the flash and tfu_login.php into the protected folder and the other tfu files in a unprotected folder. Do the setup like described above plus you have to set $upload_file relative to the flash.

Put an image in your upload dir. Then you see if the flash can read your remote directory properly. If not please check the paths. Then select an image - a preview has to be shown. Then upload a file. If this three steps work the flash is working. If no directories can be created check the permissions. TFU writes errors to a file called tfu.log in the directory where the tfu_helper.php is located.


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