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Flash upload download image Download TFU Version 3.2.2 - 18.08.2018

Important: Please read how-to 13 to use the flash in a secure way!

The freeware edition has already all main features! The main limitation of the freeware edition is a 3 MB upload limit of the upload queue.

If the download has a size of 0 kb please check if you have a Norton Firewall running - Some users told me that the had to disable the firewall to get the download working!

Flash upload registered version image Registered version

In the registered version you get the following extras:

  • No 3 MB upload popup.
  • Download of files
  • View, create and edit of text files
  • Javascript events after the upload is finished and when selecting a file
  • Titel and some text labels can be changed by configuration.
  • Hide file extensions on the server view.
  • Limit the number of files that can be uploaded to a directory of the server
  • Professional license and above:
    • Description mode .
    • The colors of the flash can be configured.
    • Copy/move files and move folders
    • Completely anonymous flash: The ? can be turned off
    • Reading of html form fields.
    • New 2.11: Big progress bar. Go here for additional progress bars.
    • New 3.0: Colors of the "Add files" and "Upload" button can be set.

The registration of TWG and the TWG Upload Flash is the same because TWG 2.6 is using TWG Flash Uploader 3.2.2. Therefore the registration file you get is valid for both products!

Limit defines the limit of the upload queue! You still have a server side limit of each file! If this limit is e.g. 10 MB the maximum file size of a single file is 10 MB! But you can still upload 100x10MB with the unlimited version of the flash. The Flash Uploader does not split your files and upload small parts of the file! Use the TFU File Split Applet for this!
User reported already successful uploads of 1.5 GB! The flash documentation says there is a limit of 100 MB for one file on upload and download. But I already uploaded and downloaded much bigger files (up to 800MB) but I cannot guarantee this for everyone.

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