TWG Flash Uploader News

TFU 3.2.2 is online.

TFU is now php 7 compatible! The background of the flash can now be made transparent and a new watermark plugin is available.
Please look below for all the new features and fixes.

TWG Flash Uploader Overview

The TWG Flash Uploader is a very comfortable way for your users to upload file to the remote server. Because it's based on flash it can be used by almost everyone. You can simply upload files by selecting files on your hard drive and simply press the upload button. Just select the different demos in the menu to see how it works!

You can manage your files as well. You can e.g. create, rename and delete folders and files, browse directories, edit files and much more.

free file upload features image Features

  • php 7 compatible since version 3.2.2
  • File upload by simply adding them to the upload queue and press 'Upload'
  • The allowed/not allowed file types can be configured.
  • Progress bar with display of estimated upload/download time
  • Image resize option after upload (server side resize script is included) - Support for free image magick and free GD lib. Exif data is kept with image magick.
  • Available in 24 languages: e.g. English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Norway, Polish, Slovak, Portuguese ... with a build in language selector
  • Languages are stored in xml - simply add your own language by yourself!
  • Display of filename, size and date in the upload queue
  • Remote directory browsing with display of size
  • Delete and rename of files and folders + creation of folders
  • Preview images and pdf's from the remote folder + Fullscreen view. Flash player > 9.0.28 is needed for full screen mode.
  • Included login mechanism - makes it possible to define a different upload directory for every user. Simple user management already included
  • File name client side filtering - define allowed and not allowed file extensions
  • Works with http AND https*. Passwords are sent sha-1 encoded from the flash.
  • File upload with the size 0. This is not supported directly by flash upload. I do this by creating the file through a direct php call.
  • Upload e-mail notification with list of uploaded files also with smtp
  • FTP mode to create directories.
  • Big server view where server and file upload view have the same size.
  • TFU does automatically detect a session loss and tries to provide a workaround. See howto 12 .
  • You can enable TFU to read form fields from the html page and add then to the upload as 'get' parameters. Please read howto 15 how to configure this.
  • Server side configuration - Fully configurable - every feature can be turned on/off
  • Tested on PC (IE6/7, FireFox, Opera 8/9) and Mac (Safari, Camino, Explorer, FireFox) with Flash 8, 9 and 10
  • No flash script limit timeout message!
  • Full support of special chars like öäüé ...
  • Support for splitted files - you can upload .part files that are joined by TFU (e.g. image.jpg.part1 + image.jpg.part2 is joined to image.jpg)
  • Free TFU File Split Applet - Details on the File Split Applet page!
  • Prevent changing the file extension when renaming.
  • Support to work without Cookies and enhanced Session handling.
  • Caching of thumbs and memory usage of images
  • Download as zip: You can now enable that multiple files are downloaded as a single zip file.
  • Free TFU Preloader
  • Joomla wrapper (JFU) available
  • Retry of files. TFU does now retry up to 3 times if a file upload fails because of a IO timeout.
  • Hide extensions from the remote view
  • TFU does detect multiple extensions (e.g. .php.gif) and does now remove the .php part because this can be a security problem when your server supports multiple extensions.
  • Images are scanned for php code.
  • Compression of resized images can be set.
  • Session id is now detected automatically by Javascript.
  • Big progress bar for professional users. Go here for additional progress bars.
  • ...

* See FAQ - test the freeware version with https before register!

free file upload additional features image Additional features of the registered version

  • No 3 MB upload popup.
  • Download of files
  • View, creation and edit of text files
  • Javascript events after the file upload is finished and when selecting a file
  • Title and some text labels can be changed by configuration.
  • Hide file extensions on the server view.
  • Limit the number of files that can be uploaded to a directory of the server.
  • New 2.14: A quota for directories can be set.
  • Professional license and above:
    • Description mode .
    • The colors of the flash can be configured.
    • Copy/move files and move folders
    • Custom http error messages can be set. You have to add your custom messages to the language file. Check the howto if you want to do this.
    • Completely anonymous flash: The ? can be turned off
    • New 2.10: Reading of html form fields at file uploads.
    • New 2.11: Big progress bar. Go here for additional upload progress bars.
    • New 3.0: Colors of the "Add files" and "Upload" button can be set.

free file upload history image History

TFU and JFU do still work 100% with Flash 10!

New 3.2.2:

  • New: php 7 compatible (php)

New 3.2.1:

  • New: escapeshellcmd is used in execute_command for the flash uploader part as well to increase security. (php)
  • New: Version 5.2.22 of php mail is used to fix the security errors there! (php)
  • New: $mail->SMTPSecure support (php)

New 3.2:

  • New: Background of the flash can now be made transparent to integrate it better into your page. See c_bg_transpartent in the updated howto 9:
  • New: New plugin: watermark. You can now add a watermark directly after the upload. Thanks to Kulwinder Jootle to allow me to make this custom plugin public.
  • Fix: The Javascript callback previewSelect was called twice

New 3.1:

  • New: The status line can be formated with html. You can use html tags in the xml language files to format them. See the updated howto about changing colors
  • New: Turkish and Taiwanese language file added. Thanks to the translators.
  • Fix: The label of the server grid was not shown. Now it is shown again.

New 3.0.3:

  • Fix: The new security settings where too tight for uploads in the description mode. Now this is treated properly.

New 3.0.2:

Please update to this version if you already use TFU 3.0.1

  • Fix: In 3.0.1 I made the security restrictions too tight and for multiple file upload with bigger files only the first 1 or 2 where working.

New 3.0.1:

Please update to this version if you use php >= 5.4.x

  • Fix: Added a debug message if the class COM is not available. This is needed for image magick on windows. You have to add extension=php_com_dotnet.dll to your php.ini to make it available again.
  • Fix: "imagejpeg(): Filename cannot be empty" error message with php 5.4 was fixed!
  • Fix: removeExtension was renamed to tfu_removeExtension because in Joomla another extension used the same function name.
  • Fix: parseParameter does now allow @ as well. This enables to have e-mails in the login. I also allow *!+%.
New 3.0:

All planned features for version 3 are now implemented. Have fun with version 3 of TFU.
  • New: Add files and the Upload button can now be styled individualy! You can set color, background color, font weight and theme for both! See the updated howto 9.
  • New: multiple recipient e-mail at uploads are now supported with smtp as well. Separate e-mails by ,
  • New: Security improvments regarding session fixation.
  • New: Howto 22 how to change the session name
  • New: Session override when session_cache does exist. If the global session does contain values but the internal session handling is active (sesssion_cache folder does exist) the global data was nor used. Now the gobal settings does overwrite tfu settings.
  • New: Parameter $use_size_as_height. If you set this to true horizontal and vertical images are all resized to the given size. So vertical images are wider than the given size!
  • New: Improved support for MAC file uploads. An additional / at the end of the upload string fixes an i/o error on some Mac configurations.
  • Fix: Improved normalisation. Now many more inputs are normalized properly.
  • Fix: Directories with special chars like öäü where not displayed in the title bar.
  • Fix: Elements where overlapping when selecting multiple menu items
  • Fix: When a file was selected, and a preview is not available the button was invisible but still enabled.
  • Fix: A blank preview was loaded by the invisible button
  • Fix: $remove_multiple_php_extension was always removing .php extensions when enabled. Now is only removed them when the file has another extension afterwards.
  • Fix: Right border was not displayed in IE sometimes. An extra pixel in the include code fixed this.
  • Fix: Improved error message when the file upload flash cannot be loaded.

free file upload requirements image Requirements

Browser: Flash 8 or 9 plugin (< 9.0.28 for full screen images)
Web Server: php > 4.x . GD lib > 2.0 if you want to use the resize and preview feature!

This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich from